24-Hour Care and Live-In

Around-the-Clock Care in Hayward, California

You can always count on us should you or your loved one require around-the-clock care. The full range of care services remains the same, be it personal or companion care. A caregiver will be at home to care for you or your loved one uninterruptedly and help with any additional household chores. Depending on the severity of the illness, you can select between home care and live-in care. The two caregiving services are valuable and alternative to assisted living as they allow you or your loved one(s) to receive care in the comfort of their home. But how do you choose and decide the best option tailor-made for you? We would like to explain the difference between the two programs to make sure you and your loved ones get the best possible care and make an informed and well-thought-out decision.

24-Hour Live-In: For a live-in, one caregiver is assigned a 24-hour shift every day. Caregivers usually work four to five days each week. The remaining days of the week are covered by a different lived-in caregiver. During a 24-hour cycle, a four-hour break is given to the daytime caregiver, and whether you want coverage for these four hours or not is completely under your control. In a live-in setting, a caregiver is given a sleeping break of eight hours and, preferably, a sleeping bed to use. Live-in treatment is paid at a flat rate per day regardless of the duration of the stay, and if the patient needs a four-hour break coverage, then the break is billed at an hourly rate.

24-Hour Home Care: Two caregivers are assigned to a care recipient when 24-hour care is booked with each working an 8-12 daily shift. Alternatively, clients could request a 3-to 8-hour daily shift each week to ensure caregivers are at their highest performance level. Caregivers providing 8-12 shifts remain awake during the entire 8-12-hour shift, and 30-minute breaks are included during the shifts. Four caregivers are required to work a maximum of 12 daily per week.

Benefits of 24-Hour Care

  • Walking assistance and fall prevention
  • Professional caregiver and uninterrupted coverage around-the-clock
  • Guidance and supervision to those who become disoriented from dementia
  • Observation and reporting on changes in the health status to family members and medical facilities
  • Cognitive stimulation and physical exercise
  • Post-hospitalization support and assistance with household chores, meal prep, medication reminders, bathing supervision, and general daily activities
  • One-on-one attention to provide companionship and consolation
an elderly and a caregiver

Mission Statement

To build a truthful successful company, where each employee lives a balanced life, and understands that service to others is their highest calling, contributing beyond ourselves in caring for the elderly and impacting families and the communities we serve.