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A lot of us want to keep our elderly parents or grandparents at home. We know that moving out of the home they love is the last thing they want to do – but as a family member, you know you have the obligation to ensure their health and safety while you’re away at work, in school or attending to the needs of your own children. Where can you get help? With the purity of hearts, sincerity of the spirit, and the very best of our honorable intentions and humanity, we would like to offer ourselves and services to you and your loved ones.

When you’re looking for care for an elderly loved one, there are so many moving parts. Transportation to and from appointments, scheduling doctor appointments, and providing regular updates on patient condition and progress are oftentimes juggled poorly. The one moving part you should never have to deal with? Your loved one being institutionalized to a nursing facility. Jannic Health Services takes a holistic approach and try to tackle the many problems that could potentially disrupt keeping your loved ones in their home, and out of a nursing home. We recognize that your loved ones would rather remain in their homes instead of a nursing home. We recognize that, especially for those with multiple chronic diseases, there’s nothing more valuable than quality home care service.

Our motto—best choice, outstanding care, lasting memories is a bold statement that we stand behind. To accomplish this, we provide care that not only focuses on the you and your loved one, but the very caregivers that provide care to your loved ones on a daily and ongoing basis. Incorporating our caregivers into our corporate culture as business partners means that every single member of our company is an owner and proprietor first and foremost. Providing you and your loved one with the services that keeps us as your provider is paramount.

We know that we can never replace your love for family. Our only hope is to give you temporary relief or the regularly scheduled assistance with activities of daily living. We believe that such services can make your life and your loved one’s life so much easier. The ultimate goal is making your loved ones feel like a part of the Jannic Health Services family, treating and caring for them as we would our own mothers and fathers. Get Home Care Agency in Hayward, California, now.

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Mission Statement

To build a truthful successful company, where each employee lives a balanced life, and understands that service to others is their highest calling, contributing beyond ourselves in caring for the elderly and impacting families and the communities we serve.